Welcome to the Course-to-Course Equivalencies Database

This database is for reference only. Course equivalencies are generally valid for 5 years. The course equivalents are subject to change at any time.

Courses Not Listed in the Database
Submit an application through STU-VIEW at the same time web registration opens each term for any courses not listed. A detailed course outline/syllabus is required at the point of application to determine if the transfer credit may be granted.

Official Transcripts
An official transcript is required for transfer credit. Applications where an official transcript has not been received will not be evaluated. Students with international education must provide a course to course or detailed evaluation of their education and an official translation of their course outline/syllabus.See I have International Education

Minimum Grade
A grade of C- (60%) is required in your previous course to qualify for a transfer credit although some courses may require a higher minimum grade.

General/Generic Credits
Courses are assessed on a course-by-course basis and a general credit may be awarded.

HUMA 035 World Religions (Humber College) will transfer to GHUM 1111 (George Brown College)

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