Transfer Agreements and Opportunities Database

At George Brown College, we value the education and experience that you bring to campus as a transfer credit student.

If you have studied at a college or university that is recognized by George Brown, and have completed at least one semester you many receive credit for course work already completed and be admitted to an upper semester as an Advanced Standing student.
  • Block Transfers
    A group of courses completed at another college may be equivalent to those in a George Brown program. You may be eligible to enter the program at a higher semester. If you have already completed a group of courses at George Brown, you may be eligible to enter another program at George Brown.
  • Diploma-to-degree Bridging
    If you have a diploma from another college, you may qualify for advanced standing through George Brown’s bridging fast-track diploma and degree programs.

Search our Transfer Agreements and Opportunities database (below). Transfer Articulation Agreements and opportunities currently in place between George Brown and other institutions are listed here.
I want to transfer...
a George Brown College
a George Brown College program to another program or institution
I have completed a credential or at least one semester of a program at another institution and I want to apply to George Brown as an Advanced Standing student.
I have completed a credential or at least one semester of a program at George Brown and would like to transfer to another program or institution.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained in these links is subject to change as updates can occur throughout the year. George Brown College strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information; however, changes may occur in program offerings, admission requirements and transfer credits granted by other institutions. Students must check with the transfer institution directly for the most current information before applying to any program.

For Course Transfer Credits

Completed courses at another institution may be credited toward a degree or diploma at George Brown.

Search our Course-to-Course Equivalency Database.